Waste Disposal Facility

Our landfill ensures proper waste disposal, following the DENR-EMB’s guidelines. This ensures safe and efficient disposal of all kinds of waste, from residual, industrial and commercial, to treated hazardous waste.

Waste Hauling Services

We also offer waste hauling services for clients who need help delivering their waste to our landfills.

Material Recovery Facility

To help conserve the planet’s resources, we have a material recovery facility in place to salvage materials that can be recycled and repurposed for new uses.

Sanitary Landfill Development, Management, and Operations

For underserved areas, we can provide guidance and expertise to groups wishing to develop, manage, and operate their own landfills.

Environmental Consultancy

Our expertise also extends to environmental-related concerns in waste management. Using knowledge acquired from years of experience, we offer consultancy services to those who need it.

Wacuman Services