Types of Wastes Accepted

Wacuman Incorporated is equipped to handle and properly dispose of various types of waste. These include:

Residual Wastes

Municipal Solid Wastes – Domestic and residual wastes from MRF
Biodegradable Wastes – Food and kitchen waste, green waste
Recyclable Materials – Bottles, plastic, paper, etc.
Composite Materials – Waste clothing, tetra packs, bulky wastes
Other Industrial and Commercial Non-Hazardous Waste


Light Materials – Styrofoam, insulation, etc.
Commercial & Industrial Wastes with Non-hazardous Materials and Components – organic sludge, filter cake, etc.
Organic Waste Water – Septic waste, sewage sullage, etc.

Treated Miscellaneous Wastes

M501 – Miscellaneous wastes (Pathogenic or infectious wastes)
M502 – Asbestos-containing Materials
M503 – Pharmaceuticals and Drugs

Putrescible and Organic Wastes

H802 – Grease Trap Waste from Industrial or Commercial Premises

Immobilized Wastes

K301 – Solidified and Polymerized Wastes K302 – Chemically-fixed
K303 – Encapsulated Waste